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Fungal Skin and Nail Infections

Tel: 01342 834454

The Clearanail treatment that Emma provided has been nothing short of miraculous. The initial process of drilling the holes in my toe nails was painless and you cannot see the holes. After 8 weeks of religiously applying the anti-fungal spray my smaller toe nails are cured and new nail growth on my big toes is steadily working its way up. I am very impressed and would recommend it to anyone.”
Mr N. T

Are your nails discoloured, thick or crumbling? Do they have a foul odour? If so, here at Centre4Feet we can offer you a safe and painless treatment option.

Clearanail before and after


clearanail logoClearanail is a breakthrough in the treatment of fungal nails. It’s not only a quick treatment (usually involves one treatment with the Podiatrist), it is also painless and a cheaper option to painful laser treatments. It is safe to use in the majority of people however a detailed medical history will be taken prior to treatment.

Clearanail is a Great British invention. In involves a 30 minute treatment* which is unique in that it allows the impermeable structure of the nail to be made permeable in order to reach the source of the infection. The tiny holes are made with a very fine intelligent drill and a sterile burr. The drill can sense when it is through the nail plate and therefore doesn’t cause damage to the nail beneath. Taking seconds to produce, these precise holes allow topical treatments, when applied regularly, to reach the fungal infection quickly and more effectively. Changes in the nail can be seen within a few weeks.
*Patients with multiple fungal nails will require a longer appointment time. This will be discussed with you along with the cost of the treatment.

Download leaflet with more details here in PDF format


Before Treatment:

Clearanail before treatment


6 Weeks later...


Clearanail 6 weeks later


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