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Heart disease of any sort:
Chest pain, palpitations or black outs:
High blood pressure:
Rheumatic fever:
Asthma, bronchitis or other chest disease:
Diabetes or sugar in the urine:
Kidney or urinary problems:
Convulsions or fits:
Anaemia or other blood disorders:
Bruising or bleeding problems:
Blood clots in the legs or lungs:
Jaundice (yellowness):
Indigestion or heartburn:
Any other serious illness:
Do you have problem scars:
Have you or a family member suffered with problem moles/lesions:
Do you smoke/stopped smoking (How many a day):
Do you have any replacement joints:
Do you have a pacemaker or any implants:
Do you have eyesight or hearing problem:
Could you be pregnant:
Are you on HRT/the pill:
Any Sports or hobbies/Keep fit:
Have you had or had symptoms of Covid-19:
Have you had a test for Covid-19:
Do you or anyone in your household currently have symptoms of Covid-19 (high temperature, continuous cough) or in insolation due to symptoms?
Are you taking any medicines?
Are you allergic to anything? Especially any drugs / dressings / materials:
Please list any previous operations or anaesthetics, year and any complications experienced,
i.e. scars, infections, delayed healing etc:
Have you or a member of your family had problems with Local anaesthetics?
Is there anything else we should know?

I also give my consent to being treated by the Podiatrist and I confirm I am aware that Podiatrists may use sharp medical instruments including nail nippers, scalpel, files and burrs in my treatment and following visits.
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